Joko-Ono (joko_ono) wrote,


Offf... a second (no, third! no, fourth!) sleepless night. What are YOU busy with?!

But, at least, now I see an end! Now I know that I have totally 24 boxes and I am planning to finsih with all that tonight!(I should!)

Wish me good luck!
Slaap lekker!
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удачно допаковаться :)
Вещи уже упакованы, я счастлива и налегке!!! Может даже выберусь на днях на таблу (I don't promise, but I hope...)

Wahooo !


May 10 2004, 10:26:19 UTC 13 years ago

Mais il faut dormir la nuit ma très chére Joko !
Avez vous prévu un camion ? ou 3 voitures ? ou un avion pour transporter vos 24 boxes ;)
By the way i Won my national contest ..
We finished First !!!
I'm going to Brazil for the International & Last Step of this contest.
Oui, IL FAUT, mais MOI, je ne 'sleep' pas... :(
Frankly speaking, I don't always do what "IL FAUT" to do...
Excusez-moi, s.v.p! :P

Yes!!!! And congratulations with the VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're a brick! :))